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Address: 220 East Pine Street, Williamstown NJ 08094
Phone: (856) 629-7436
Fax: (856) 875-4742

Modified Office Hours due to COVID 19:

We are working to maintain our normal hours during this unusual health event. Our hours will be Monday through Friday between 8AM to 3PM, depending on our patient need and may vary daily.

If you call the office and reach the answering machine, we have closed.

Please leave a message for our staff to contact during our next time we are in the office.

Thank You and Be Safe!

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*This email contact information is for general questions only. It is NOT for any medical or emergent questions. For medical or emergent questions you must call the office.

Corona Virus Alert

As Pine Street Family Practice treats COVID 19, the safety and health of our patients, staff, and providers is our top priority while continuing to provide our patients with the medical care and support that they are accustomed to receive.

These are not normal times.  Pine Street Family Practice wants to ensure that our patients know we are here for them.  We are trying to maintain daily office hours for appointments, but they may be limited.  Due to the mandatory stay at home that our NJ Governor has put in place we will also be offering our patients the choice of Telemedicine appointments.   You will need to contact our office to request this video appointment in lieu of an in-office appointment.  The appointment will be conducted through Facetime or Skype.

As this is a viral infection most patients can clear the infection with increasing fluids, Tylenol for fever, rest and self-quarantine for 14 days.   Medical treatment at the emergency rooms should only be if you are in respiratory distress.

Testing for coronavirus is still not available in our office or for patients that think they have had exposure.  Testing for Coronavirus is only available if you have symptoms such as a fever, cough and shortness of breath.  Testing for Gloucester County residents are scheduled through Jefferson @ 1-844-542-2273 and Rowan @856-218-4142. Testing for Camden County residents are scheduled through Cooper @ 856-968-7100.

These are stressful and trying times.  Remember to wash hands often with soap and water, clean surfaces and if possible, take a walk to get fresh air even if it is just a walk around your yard, and practice social distancing.

We can get through this together.  Be well and be safe.