Melt Away the Winter Fat Get Ready for Summer

Now Available at Pine Street Family Practice


As we move from our warm and cozy homes and bulky clothing of this cold winter it is time to think about warming up and moving into the spring season. What comes next? It is the fun and sun of summer and removing those layers. Many of us can’t wait for the pool and shore months, but this means we need to start to get ready for bathing suit season. Some of you have made New Year’s resolutions and have started your new eating and exercise routines to shed those extra pounds in anticipation of shedding the layers of clothing. Many of us have continued our year round health mantra and would still like to see those few extra inches melt away to complement our hard work and dedication at the gym and eating right. So whether you are on a new mission or continuing on your trek to looking and feeling better Pine Street Family Practice has a way to compliment your goals.

is a safe and in office non-invasive procedure that will help you melt away those annoying inches that just don’t want to budge with the diet and exercise program you have implemented. Coolsculpting works by delivering a controlled cooling to gently and effectively target fat cells to crystallize and then die off and be reabsorbed by your body, while leaving the surface skin unaffected. As the targeted fat cells die and become reabsorbed that specific area of fat then flattens and those inches become reduced to help you achieve the sculpted inch reduction you desire. This process will take 8-12 weeks to see the full improvement you want and will be reassessed in our office at that time. Areas of the body with best results are the abdomen, triceps, front of chest arm fat near the arm pits, back fat, under the chin, outer and inner thighs and the buttocks (banana roll) areas. I know we all have one of these areas that could use some inch reduction!

Pine Street Family Practice has fully trained staff that will do a free in office consultation to evaluate which body areas you are interested in sculpting and help you identify other areas that will be improved with this procedure. Not all fat is “freezeable” fat and not all areas you may want inch reduction will have good results, so a consultation is necessary for you to understand the process and achieve the desired outcome. We have financing options also available to help you make this process more attainable for you.

Go to our Facebook page and see my pictures of the procedure from February 2018 and the progress I have made. Call our office to schedule a free consultation now and continue the process to a healthier and more sculpted you.

Dr. Lee Ann